Unlocking Morning Bites at Lockwood Table Cafe

Remember when breakfast was merely a suggestion? Yes, we all get it – it’s the most important meal of the day, people. I feel I should preface this review with some insight into my morning demeanor: I am perhaps the furthest living, breathing thing from a morning person, which speaks volumes to anything that brings me even the slightest drop of joy first thing in the morning. Enter my newfound holy breakfast grail, Lockwood Table Cafe.

My first experience at this Solana Beach hidden gem was accidental, as my boyfriend and I had exhausted our search queries for the area’s best morning eats. Cranky and ready to pull the plug on our beach day in Solana, we took a stroll through the design district, where we caught a glimpse of Lockwood Table Cafe’s outdoor patio. Intrigued and driven by our carnal hunger, we power-walked our way through the door, and were seated immediately at a rustic wooden patio table, surrounded by lush greenery and canopied by modern shade sails.

As one could guess, I’m not one for loud noises in the A.M., so I was pleased to have my senses stroked by gentle electro swing, which paired strikingly well with the eatery’s chic ambiance. Our server was attentive and friendly, as she poured two glasses of cucumber lemon water (a nice touch). Perusing their menu, I landed on their Turkey and Gruyere Baked Egg Soufflé. My boyfriend ordered the Belgian Waffle, which was topped with fresh berries, and served with downright delicious cinnamon honey butter and maple syrup. For good measure, we also shared their Smoked Salmon Plate, a generous serving of fresh salmon served with cream cheese, capers, red onion slivers, and whole grain toast.

In great need of a serious pick-me-up, I placed my order for an iced Lavender Latte, which arrived with a beautiful purple hue layered at the bottom from the lavender infusion. Be sure to stir this baby before you take a swig! Please note that I now crave this masterpiece on a regular basis.

My soufflé was quite a sight – fluffy doesn’t even begin to describe its volume. Despite its size, I downed every bite of this dish. The gruyere’s earthy flavor profile yielded an exquisite nuttiness that gave the otherwise mild flavor of the turkey the extra nudge it needed to delight my hankering for something toothsome. The eggs were a feather-light texture, leaving me perfectly satisfied, but not too full.

My boyfriend’s waffle was a little heavy on the cinnamon, which I wasn’t too keen on, but he certainly enjoyed it! At his core, he is an avid sweet-seeker, so I admittedly trust his judgment. Those who also bear a sweet tooth, the waffle might just be for you!

Since my first meal at Lockwood Table Cafe, I have become somewhat of a weekend regular (again, speaks volumes). The owner is always on top of it, ensuring that every man, woman, child and dog (yes, they’re dog-friendly) is cared for, which warms my heart as someone who has a soft spot for locally-owned businesses. Next time you’re poking around Solana Beach, I implore you to power-walk your hungry self on over to this hidden treasure.

-Aggie S.

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