Olive You Olive Cafe!

It has become a perpetual cycle… Waking up every Saturday and Sunday morning around 9 a.m., rolling out of bed, and moseying over to Olive Cafe at Mission Beach to satisfy my breakfast cravings. Yep that’s right, you might even call it a healthy addiction. Their breakfast and lunch options are just too good to pass up on the weekend! I only limit myself to going there on the weekends because if I went every day during the week (which I would) my wallet would be looking pretty dismal right about now! If you haven’t been to Olive Cafe yet, make it your next breakfast or lunch destination and you’ll want to spend olive your time there too!

As a fellow Mission Beach resident, it’s hard not to know of the infamous Olive Cafe. Ideally situated across the street from Tower 19 on Mission Beach, it makes for a perfect pre-beach day stop! It may be small, but it’s full of character! Every morning there are tables full of commotion- people of all ages chatting, studying the morning paper, or just kicking back with a hot cup of coffee and a fresh, handmade scone.

You always feel welcome and appreciated upon walking up to the cashier to order. The employees greet you with a smile on their face and will customize any of your orders to make it as unique as your food preferences! All of the handcrafted bread and scrumptious pastries are made right up the street at the Olive Baking Company constructing delectable homemade quality.

Now on to the best part, the food! When you see the menu you’ll see why it’s difficult to just choose one thing! I’m a big fan of having something substantial in the morning to fuel me up for the day. Nothing is better to do the job then the Popeye’s Scramble. If you know anything about Popeye, you know he loves lots of green, iron rich spinach- and he would love this scramble! Mixed with 3 scrambled eggs and packed with fresh spinach, mushrooms, zesty onions, and creamy feta cheese, this is a full protein plate!

But wait there’s more! The scramble comes with crisp, buttery hash- browns and any toast of your choice.

Geez, now I’m getting hungry!

To all the breakfast buffs: next time you’re enjoying a day by Tower 19 in the sun or at Belmont Park head on over to Olive Cafe- and get yourself the best breakfast/lunch in olive Mission Beach!


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