Get in Taji(ma) Belly




















It was the perfect plan- a rainy Galentine’s Day dinner at one of the top ramen spots in San Diego. After weighing our ramen options, (there are way too many in this city), we finally decided on a local favorite- Tajima. The restaurant is small but incredibly cozy and unique. Squeezed in tight with fellow ramen lovers, this spot is perfect for a date night or dinner with friends.

We headed into North Park when it was pouring rain and circled for about 20 minutes looking for parking, but we were determined and on a mission. Nothing seemed better on this rainy night, so we parked far away and sprinted to the restaurant.

Unfortunately, a lot of other people had the exact same idea as us so we reluctantly took our spots in line. It was a 45-minute wait but nothing was going to stop us now. The servers rushed by us carrying bowls of steaming hot ramen and our mouths started watering. We were starting to get hangry- people made sure to stay far away from us in line.

After what seemed like forever (but was probably only 25 minutes), we had done it. A waitress showed us to our table and we were saved. Our spirits were high and our bellies were ready.

We started off with the garlic edamame, which lasted maybe three minutes on the table. It was gone before I could blink but it was beyond tasty. Boiled soy beans soaked in garlic were exactly what I needed to get my taste buds rolling. Really, is there anything better than garlic?

Now, it was time for the holy grail- the main course. A delicious, giant bowl of their classic Tajima ramen with pork. Topped with fried garlic, chives, bean sprouts, green onion, ½ a ramen egg, sesame seeds, and seaweed- this bowl is everything I have ever wanted and more. The broth was absolute perfection and the noodles were some of the best I have ever had. The meal was huge and I had to take a break midway through, but I finished the beast. My stomach was mad but my heart was full. I will definitely be going back very soon for another taste of their heavenly bowls. Next time though, I’m getting there early- waiting is fine but eating is better.


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