Breakfast Republic- Good Vibes and Cluckin’ Good Times

Every Sunday morning, me and my six roommates wake up and decide where we want to head to brunch. It has been a tradition of ours for the past few months and we have hit some delicious breakfast spots. Sometimes, our choices can be a real hit or miss depending on who decides that week, but for the most part, San Diego brunch is hard to beat.

We decided on one of our local favorites- Breakfast Republic in Ocean Beach. We always try and make sure we get up really early because the line gets long once it hits around 9:30 a.m., which is unfortunate, because we all love to sleep in. However, this past week, we decided it was worth it. We dragged ourselves out of bed at 8:30 a.m. (*gasp*) and headed out to Ocean Beach.

Breakfast Republic has an enormous menu and I am always super overwhelmed with the amount of food I want to try. We each started off with a Jurassic Bloody Mary- this drink tops off a classic Bloody Mary with celery, olives, pickles, lime, and a slice of their delicious Jurassic Pork Bacon- marinated and baked with paprika and brown sugar. I was so excited to eat the bacon that I spilled my drink over and had to get a new one. Cheryl, our server, was an angel and immediately rushed to my side with a new drink AND new slice of bacon. I could not have been happier. She was the real MVP of the morning.

We spent a long time trying to figure out what to eat because there are way too many incredible options. My roommate and I split the Portuguese Linguisa Sausage scramble and the Strawberry and Mascarpone French Toast. It was the best decision I have made in quite a long time. The scramble includes three eggs, bacon, br’ cluckin good hot sauce, green bell peppers, garlic, tomatoes, thyme, and oregano, with a side of potatoes and your choice of toast. Talk about a good thyme! The strawberry French toast was savory and fresh – I could not get enough of it. It was fluffy and cooked to perfection.

After taking the last few bites of our meals, our bellies were extremely full and we were happy. Another successful Sunday brunch had been completed and we had conquered the giant meals in front of us. Time to start planning for next weekend- but Breakfast Republic will always be our #1. Shout out to my girl Cheryl for giving me that extra slice of bacon- I am forever in your debt.



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