Toast Gastrobrunch in Carlsbad

Brunch. It’s become such a mainstream staple here in Southern California, we even use the word as a verb, as in ‘let’s brunch this Sunday’ or ‘where are we brunching tomorrow?’ I personally love a good brunch experience. Who doesn’t love catching up with friends over eggs or pancakes (or both) and some mimosas? The best part about brunch? It’s socially acceptable to nap afterwards, too! Hey, weekends are meant for naps.

For this brunch adventure, I headed to a new place in Carlsbad called Toast Gastrobrunch. It’s right near the Carlsbad outlet mall and the Carlsbad Flower Fields, just on the opposite side of the freeway (west of Highway 5). It’s nestled in a little stretch of other restaurants, next door to a Miguel’s I’ve previously visited. You can’t miss the bright yellow awning that just screams ‘morning’. Parking was easy, too, as there is a massive lot!

My friend and I were seated after a brief wait – we were visiting pretty early on a Saturday morning. After a quick review of the drink page of the menu, I opted for two drinks (yes, I’m that type of brunch person) – as I wanted both a coffee and a mimosa! I picked a vanilla latte, and a hibiscus mimosa to try. Fun fact – almost all of the mimosas and Bellini’s at Toast are flavored with sorbet! Our server also told us the difference between the two is that mimosa uses champagne, while Bellini is made with prosecco. Prosecco is typically a little on the sweeter side, while champagne is typically more on the dry side. Both drinks came out looking beautiful – and tasted just as good as they looked!

On the food menu, there were so many delicious sounding options to choose from! Some sweet options, some savory options, toasts, lunch items – it was really tough even narrowing it down! Per the server’s suggestion, we started off with the ‘House Specialty’ dish, something called a Kanafee. Toast’s version was made with coconut and pistachio. While we had never heard of that dish previously, it was beyond anything I could have imagined. All the flavors melted together for each sweet, delicious bite – I now have dreams about this dish. Since my sweet tooth was satisfied, I ordered one of the options from the ‘Toasts’ sections of the menu. My pick? The Caprese Toast, made with lots of multicolored cherry tomatoes, micro basil, burrata, and a garlic balsamic drizzle, all over a thick cut of local Bread & Cie bread. YUM. If I could put burrata on everything, I absolutely would. It was, again, a great blend of flavors that I just couldn’t get enough of!

The restaurant itself was very cute, with fun wall murals and décor pieces. Lots of farm-y type references, including a giant cow statue that greets you as you walk in! I personally loved the bloody mary wall quote, and the ‘You’re My Butter Half’ wall as you come into the restaurant. Lots of breakfast-related puns, and who doesn’t like a good pun in the morning?! I can’t wait until my next brunch trip to Toast Gastrobrunch – but until then, I’ll have that kanafee on the brain.

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