Nico’s Taco Shop 

How do they do it? How do they make a burrito found in almost every single taco shop just so… delicious? The Breakfast Burrito at Nico’s Taco Shop has all of the typical ingredients. Complete with eggs, potatoes, cheese and bacon, on paper, this burrito is no different than anything else. But once you bite into the soft tortilla, you’re shocked by just how excellent this seemingly normal breakfast burrito is.

With two different locations, one in Ocean Beach and the other in Carmel Valley, Nico’s Taco Shop’s Breakfast Burrito is inexplicably delicious. Is it the tortilla? The way the eggs are scrambled on the grill? A special way of frying the bacon? A new technique of baking the potatoes? Or is it something more intangible, like something as everlasting and enjoyable as love?

Well, if anybody has truly found a way to make love an actual ingredient, then it’s this place. Off of Newport in Ocean Beach, Nico’s sure hasn’t been a disappointment. Their breakfast burrito is something out of a fairy tale, and that’s not even their claim to fame. With their California Burrito recently having been ranked second in the nation, it’s no wonder the breakfast burrito is so delicious.

It may forever be a mystery to me just how Nico’s found a way to make an everyday burrito into something so wonderful, but that’s okay with me. I can live with that so long as whatever secret ingredient they add to that burrito stays in the recipe.


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