Glorious Mornings at Morning Glory

While pink has always been a secret favorite color of mine, I’ll admit I was not completely prepared for the pink extravaganza I was about to partake in as I walked into my first visit to Morning Glory. Located in the heart of Little Italy’s bustling food scene, the rose gold window panels will blind you from afar and act as the first shade of pink to snag your attention.

Pink velvet seating and cavernous booths line the walls where starry-eyed patrons sip on flamboyant cocktails.  With an aesthetic that can be described as the Great Gatsby meets 90’s grunge, it’s easy to feel right at home as you sit down for a hearty brunch.

As I perused the elaborate menu which was chock full of colorful skull graphics and graffiti text, my eyes immediately gravitated to the Chicken and Waffle. I decided to fully give in to my gluttony that morning and order a side of bacon to match. This bacon is not your average slice of bacon, it is a thick slab, adding that needed salty touch to any meal. My cocktail of choice? The Orange Jewelius of course, a play on the orange smoothie of our youth.

Barely making it through brunch because of a gnarly hangover? They’ve got you covered with a counter top of Tylenol, Visine, Tic Tacs and more. Don’t forget to check out the Moet champagne vending machine, an Instagram post waiting to happen. Plus, it’s only $34 in quarters for your very own bottle so it looks like it’s time to smash that piggy bank on your nightstand.

The photos ops alone are reason enough to visit this new brunch spot and it’s an added plus that the food and drink game are equally irresistible. Get your brunch on and your pink on and check it out for yourself! Make sure to get there early, it fills up quickly and there are no reservations at this pink paradise!

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