Japanese Cuisine in Liberty Station

Liberty Station welcomes with open arms Ototo Sushi Co. Taking the place of Sushiya, Ototo hasn’t slowed down on delivering delicious Japanese cuisine to Liberty Station. With menu items ranging from noodles, ngiri, classic rolls, sashimi and rice bowls, Ototo a variety of Japanese dishes to the table.

I wandered into the inviting atmosphere and was happily welcomed by the warm staff and seated promptly. My eyes darted from one delicious menu item to the next, unsure of exactly what I wanted, so I just ordered three things. I grabbed my chopsticks, asked for an extra side of spicy mayo and waited for it all to come.

What first came out was the Gyoza, dumplings stuffed with steamed vegetables and chicken served with a side of soy sauce and green onions. Every bite of the Gyoza ended with a wide smile as the slight crunch of the fried dumplings didn’t distract from its naturally soft texture and fresh vegetables.

The Crunchy Roll came next out on a rectangular plate, neatly placed in order. As if I couldn’t be more impressed, the freshness of this made to order sushi roll mixed the flavors of tempura shrimp, krab and sweet eel glaze perfectly.

Coming in a bowl next and stacked with mixed seafood and vegetables in a hot and spicy broth served with thick wheat noodles was the Spicy Seafood Udon. My expert chopstick skills let me pick up the noodles and seafood with no problem, but that just made me eat it too fast. My only regret is that I didn’t savor the delicious Japanese noodles more.

I was pleasantly satisfied with my visit to Ototo Sushi Company. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming, and the food was held to that same excellent standard.

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