Herb & Eatery

If you’re like me, you get overwhelmed when deciding where to eat. If someone asks you to pick a place to eat, a wave of options come flooding through your mind and you simply can’t decide on one. With more than 3,000 restaurants in San Diego, it becomes an immense amount of pressure to pick somewhere that will suit everyone’s likings. The exchanges of “if doesn’t matter, you pick” is the ultimate deception – because it does matter. The fate of how that meal will turn out rests on your judgement, your responsibility, your decision. When the verdict falls on you, are you able to rise above expectations?

If you are unsure, might I suggest a place that will certainly exceed measures. This past weekend, my best friend and I went to a place called Herb & Eatery. We needed a Sunday morning pick me up so we made our way down to Little Italy to explore some cool brunch spots. After scrolling through many different Yelp reviews, we both agreed to check out this cafe. The aesthetic of the place really sold us. The pictures online looked beautiful – and totally Instagramable worthy. The room filled itself with rustic vibes, old school cable lights, and vintage bicycles hanging from the ceiling.

Not only did the interior sell us, but their menu looked delectable. Herb & Eatery offers options for breakfast, lunch, coffee, and specialty drinks. Not to mention this cafe is also a chef’s market, so you can dine and shop for little goodies at the same time. After looking over their menu, I decided on getting a Hash & Egg Plate that featured bacon, pork sausage, onions, and cheddar cheese.Their portions were fairly large as I struggled to finish the last of mine. My friend ordered their Brioche French Toast that was topped with seasonal fruit and sweet maple syrup. Both were equally as delicious and kept our tummies happy. Also pictured is me with my oat milk latte – one of the best I’ve had!

This local eatery is definitely a must try if you ever find yourself in Little Italy. It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee or to get some work done in its communal working space. Next time you find yourself in an overload of choices, check out Herb & Eatery for a full foodie experience!


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