Quick Coffee

BCB Cafe @ San Diego State University

Every college student loves their caffeine. I think most people would claim their coffee addictions began while in college. And at SDSU, it’s way too easy to cure your craving.

SDSU is partnered with Big City Bagel Cafe, a bagel and coffee shop local to San Diego. While BCB’s primary cafe is located in Hillcrest, SDSU hosts seven to-go coffee kiosks around the entire campus. It seems like everywhere you look, BCB is waiting for you.

BCB also uses Cafe Moto as the provider for their beans. I can definitely confirm that these beans are not for the faint of heart. Roasted to perfection, each cup of coffee will give you a buzz that’s hard to find anywhere else.

The coffee shop knows that students love their sugar too. Their specialty drinks take you on a sweet filled caffeinated journey that will make you return day after day after day.

Best specialty sellers include:

The Warrior: espresso and milk mixed with Ghiradelli’s finest chocolate powder and gooey caramel syrup. 

The Study Buddy: brewed coffee, mixed with added espresso shots and sweet vanilla syrup. *Note, this drink does not contain milk. It is pure caffeine, mixed with MORE caffeine. And sugar of course

Dulce de Leche: espresso and milk mixed with caramel and vanilla syrup

Of course, the cafe sells simple options too such as hot and iced brewed drip coffee, espresso shots, lattes, mochas, you name it. Except for caramel, BCB also offers the famous Monin Cane Syrup as a sweet add-on for any drink. From vanilla to lavender to strawberry to pumpkin spice to coconut and more, you can really add any flavor you like! 

Hot tip: try the Madagascar Vanilla Latte if you want a drink that tastes like vanilla bean ice cream. Made with a special sweet powder instead of syrup, this drink is definitely one of my favorites.

If you want the sugar high without the caffeine, make sure to try the Spiced/Vanilla Chai Latte or even the Matcha Latte. BCB uses a specialty powder for these drinks and as long as you don’t look at the sugar gram count, you’ll be quite satisfied.

And for a final treat, BCB offers dozens of different pastries at all their carts including muffins, croissants, cookies, brownies and more. At the newest SDSU dorm location, BCB even offers a full service menu. What I would do to be a freshman living there! These items include breakfast bagels and sandwiches, paninis, and acai bowls. I can vouch, however, all the food is absolutely amazing.

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