Scoop Up The Sun With These Cool Ice Cream Spots

Sunshine, the beach, and ice cream all go hand-in-hand during San Diego’s warm spring and summer months. San Diego has a scrumptious ice cream variety, full of yummy flavors and styles. This is why we have compiled the best ice cream shops this city has to offer, that will definitely have you (ice) screaming for more!

Our first stop shop is After’s Ice Cream. With crazy flavors like Milk and Cereal, Cookie Monster, and Jasmine Milk Tea, After’s has all of the ice cream you never knew you needed in life. This includes their Milky Bun, a smooth, warm, and perfectly-glazed bun that stuffs one of Afters’ cold ice cream flavor in between for a delectable hot and cold effect. With a unique selection full of flavors and fun creations, After’s stands out from the rest as on of the most creative outlets for this sweet treat.

The Baked Bear is another special place for amazingly unordinary ice cream options. The Baked Bear is known for its homemade, high-quality baked cookies that combine with smooth craft ice cream to create a satisfying combination. Mix and match any freshly made cookie or brownie, ice cream flavor, and topping to satisfy your sweet tooth (pro tip: ask to get your ice cream sandwich warmed up for an extra sweet time). Visit The Baked Bear in Pacific Beach and enjoy your dessert on the beach, or see their site for other locations and delivery options across the country. Trust me, the line will be worth the wait.

Our last delicious pick (but definitely not least) is Salt & Straw, located in Little Italy and Del Mar. Salt & Straw takes the (ice cream) cake with its magical mission, creating hospitality, community, support, and togetherness from fantastic recipes and combos. Try their dairy-free Peanut Butter Captain Munch or their Off Limits’ Dash Cold Brew Cocoa Crisps from their cereal-sly delicious series of scoops. Other fan favorites include Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, Honey Lavender, Chocolate Gooey Brownie, and Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

All ice cream lovers will be over the moon with these tasty scoops, so check out these great places and go cool off after scooping up the sun!

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