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  • Taco Tuesday Should be Every Day

    I am not entirely sure who invented the idea of Taco Tuesday, but I would like to take this time to personally thank them. While we’re on the subject, why should we restrict the love of tacos to just one day? Petition to have Taco Tuesday happen every day please. This notion and my love […]

  • Japanese Cuisine in Liberty Station

    Liberty Station welcomes with open arms Ototo Sushi Co. Taking the place of Sushiya, Ototo hasn’t slowed down on delivering delicious Japanese cuisine to Liberty Station. With menu items ranging from noodles, ngiri, classic rolls, sashimi and rice bowls, Ototo a variety of Japanese dishes to the table. I wandered into the inviting atmosphere and […]

  • Glorious Mornings at Morning Glory

    While pink has always been a secret favorite color of mine, I’ll admit I was not completely prepared for the pink extravaganza I was about to partake in as I walked into my first visit to Morning Glory. Located in the heart of Little Italy’s bustling food scene, the rose gold window panels will blind […]

  • Nico’s Taco Shop 

    How do they do it? How do they make a burrito found in almost every single taco shop just so… delicious? The Breakfast Burrito at Nico’s Taco Shop has all of the typical ingredients. Complete with eggs, potatoes, cheese and bacon, on paper, this burrito is no different than anything else. But once you bite […]

  • Tongue Thai’d

    If you are looking for Thai food in San Diego, you definitely have a wide array of options. My friend and I were craving Thai the other day, so we picked up our phones and started doing some hardcore Yelp research. After an agonizing 15 minutes of looking through photos of some of the best […]

  • Toast Gastrobrunch in Carlsbad

    Brunch. It’s become such a mainstream staple here in Southern California, we even use the word as a verb, as in ‘let’s brunch this Sunday’ or ‘where are we brunching tomorrow?’ I personally love a good brunch experience. Who doesn’t love catching up with friends over eggs or pancakes (or both) and some mimosas? The […]

  • Draft – Nachos or Nothin’

    After a long day of sailing at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, my friends and I were pretty hungry, and we knew exactly what we wanted. A relatively new restaurant, Draft, is located right along the Mission Beach Boardwalk next to Belmont Park, and it has the biggest nacho plate that any of us have […]

  • Sampling the Rainbow at S3 Coffee Bar

    As soon as you walk in the door at S3 Coffee Bar, you’re greeted by bright pink neon inviting you to do as their name says, and Smell, Sip & Savor.  Tucked into a nondescript looking strip mall between a Subway and a Souplantation, off Mission Gorge Road, from the outside S3 Coffee Bar does […]

  • Get in Taji(ma) Belly

                                          It was the perfect plan- a rainy Galentine’s Day dinner at one of the top ramen spots in San Diego. After weighing our ramen options, (there are way too many in this city), we finally decided […]

  • Best Breakfast Spots in Point Loma

    If you’re not sure where to begin your early morning conversion, drill these three principles into your half-asleep brain: closeness to the coast, coffee and carbs. These restaurants hit all three requirements with their tempting breakfast offerings. Next time your alarm goes off and you’re tempted to hit snooze, consider any one of these breakfasts […]

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